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The business was founded back in the year 1965 and has been offering its passengers with a few of the most memorable journeys and holidays ever since. The major rise to fame for the Princess Cruises came with the introduction of the Love Boat TV series that featured two of its cruise liners, the Pacific Princess and the Island Princess.

Additionally, the business offers its travellers with award winning service and characteristics which ensure that every one of its guests have a fantastic time while on board. One of the chief charms of this Princess Cruises is its exceptional cruise itineraries which cover a number of the most exotic locales of the world. With more than 1000 cruise itineraries and 300 interfaces to select from, tourists can also be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a travel aboard the Princess. Moreover, all the ships sailing under the Princess flag boasts of world-class support, sumptuous food and Maharaja style luxury.

The Princess Cruises also boast of a massive fleet which sail all around the world on various itineraries.

Great On-Board Expertise

Another reason for the immense popularity of this Princess Cruises is its magnificent onboard encounter. The ship is full of activities and things to do for tourists of all ages to keep them content and inhabited from sun rise up until sunset and beyond. Among the most popular beaches aboard the Princess is its piazza styled atrium that becomes the magnificent centrepiece on each of the ships. These atriums are dispersed over several decks and feature panoramic views of the boat, the signature Vines Bar and International Café and a stunning spiral stairs.

Other popular activities aboard the Princess Cruise Ships are poolside activities, cooking demonstrations, digital photography workshops, an assortment of sports like golf and ping-pong, vast libraries, mesmerizing nightlife, grand casinos, designer boutiques, art auctions, youth centres and adolescent lounges and pampering spas. Some of the most popular creations aboard the Princess are anytime dining choices and Movie Under the Stars. The latter is very popular amongst couples and fans since they give an extremely romantic chance to see a film with loved ones in a 300 square foot, 69000 watt poolside movie theater. This experience is made even better with personalized touches like comfy blankets, chaise lounges, free popcorn and cookies and milk.

An individual may also experience a behind the scenes boat tour that allows passengers to have a glimpse of how the boat runs and functions. The tour is offered once or twice daily and enables passengers to catch a glimpse of the control space, print shop, medical centre, photo laboratory, bridge, laundry area and other areas that are generally visited only by the boat’s crew.

The living accommodations that are provided by the Princess Cruises will also be one of the best. Passengers can choose from a selection of accommodation options including basic interior cottages, Ocean view cottages, cabins with balconies, mini suites with balconies, suites with balconies and grand suites. No matter the choice of accommodation accepted, passengers can expect to be treated to a range of excellent amenities and in space luxuries. The large and exceptionally comfortable beds, beautifully made baths, pleasant décor and in-room entertainment choices make sure that guests have a fantastic time not only on board but at the rooms and cottages also.

Last, the Princess Cruises is also one of the few cruise liners which follow the century old traditions of Bon Voyage where relatives and friends can board the boat to bid farewell to their loved ones ahead of the boat embarks on its journey.

Princess Cruise Lines

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