Polo and Women

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Horses and Women have been a part of my life for long years. I started off early on horses from a young age and perfected my ability after at the military academy. I also picked up horse polo at the academy, though I dare say I was not a champion in this discipline of sport.

Horses drew me nearer to women and after diverse experiences have reasoned that riding a horse may be an exhilaration that’s almost akin to a conquest of a woman. My dad an officer in the. Indian armed forces got me enrolled with his influence at the native BSF horse battalion. After first aches and pains, I began to love riding horses. I realized I had a good vibration with my horses and I knew them as they knew me. I realized the rider had an invisible bond with the horse.

When I entered the academy, I had a head start over the others who had just started t ride horses. I was an adept rider and hence the instructor gave me a lot of leeways. I was left alone for long periods. He was a hard taskmaster but gave me lots of latitudes as I had a way with horses. He also introduced me to his daughter who was a blond and as great a horse rider as anyone can encounter.

By a quirk of fate, we were thrown together and when riding we developed an intimacy that has lived with me down the years.So often we would ride into the remote hills and tether the horses into a tree once we followed up with time in each others arms.

Sally (I will give her this name, not the real one) was also a wonderful polo player and that is how I got hooked on the game. It gives me great pleasure now that I played with horse polo because it’s a game that earlier was the preserve of the Maharajas like Bhupinder Singh of Patiala and the maharajah of Jaipur. This was the most exhilarating term at the academy. But all good things come to an end the Sergeant Major got transferred back to England. The moving of Sally affected me and I never developed my Horse polo after she left, but riding lasted. Even now whenever I’m in Mumbai I ride in the Amateur Riders Club, Mahalaxmi and also at Singapore at the Police academy. I thus stay fit and thank my father he forced me to learn how to ride.

Riding has its spillover effect. The first is physical fitness and greater stamina. These two are the ingredients that induce life. The final category has tons of cash and some like my Parsi friend own dozens of stallions. Some also have horse farms which develop race horses. I’ve ridden a few and I can say riding a race horse requires greater skill as the horse once in gallop can be mastered only by a skillful rider. It may also be harmful as was seen when a horse threw the Superman Star Steeve Reeves off his back and the terrific star broke his neck. Certainly this is a macho sport, but in my opinion the thrill is great.

There is a spillover as I have found women are drawn to horse riders. I will not dwell on this aspect much as it’s a personal matter. However, if one has seen the Hindi film” Harker Heights Wildlife Removal” starring Manoj Bajpai as the Maharajah and Karishma Kapoor because his love says it all. A horse is a terrific animal, he senses the disposition of the rider. I recall I was in a surly mood in the Mahalaxmi after a tiff with my girl and the great beast sensed it. He refused to gallop and sauntered around to where my woman was on a horse. What an animal, who can believe it?

Lastly a bit of baring the soul. Horses and women go together. But this is a different game and you will find thrilling moments and sad ones. Sad when one of my buddies captain Sangha expired playing polo after a fall and happy at some of the loveliest girls who I have dated were riders like me.

Finally, what can I write further? I’ll just add that horses and girls go together and I hope many young men and women can ride this sport. India is the laggard and it’s about time we caught up with the world. Let’s not forget those terrific Indian Hindu warriors such as Bindusara and Chandragupta that were great horse riders. For Hindu kings and warriors it was a manly game, so let’s pick up the threads.

International Seafarer Day

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Many of the ships were Australian Flags. That meant long tours of duty and no marriage. Today you’ll find seafarers prefer American flagships; the cover is better, and they are unionized. “There’s a lot more paperwork today,” says Third Mate Mike Loesch. “Instead of doing just the noon report, you’re now doing three reports a day.”

In 1875, nine Houses of Refuge were constructed along the Florida coast; between Miami and Jacksonville; every 25 miles. Every Refuge House was commissioned by the United States Life-Saving Service. They had a keeper whose sole job was to keep the home, keep it provided of food, clothing, and walk the beaches after the storms. When they came across a shipwrecked sailor they gave him”refuge” in their home. The guys got to stay for a couple weeks. Some got back on ships heading north. A lookout tower was constructed and used to watch for enemy submarines in World War II. Over the years they have been operated by the US Coast Guard and the Squirrel Removal Navy. Today only one house remains in Martin County on Gilbert’s Bar. In 1976 it was recorded in the National Register of Historic Places.

Since this is a huge topic I thought I’d stay the program. And, enlist the help of a couple seafarers. Tour duties last anywhere from 75 days to six months on board a boat. Before the sun even warms their faces, Third Mate Mike is on the bridge for his morning watch. After breakfast, Captain Tod continues his day responding to emails, handling personnel issues, payroll, orders, etc.. Third Mate Mike attends to his security inspections or maintenance if the chief spouse wants it done. After lunch he relieves another third partner and stands watch till dinner. The conclusion of the 12-hour day and another sunset. If the boat is docked, rather than standing lookout on the bridge he’d be in the cargo control room monitoring the freight operations. Also making rounds on deck and assessing the lines. 1 thing you don’t need is the ship to slip away from the pier.

Hot and cold meals are provided three times per day. Breakfast is your standard fare. Lunch and dinner offers a variety of fish, meat and a salad bar. If anyone has a food allergy, like I do, you will need to let the Captain know when you board the ship. According to Civilian Mariner Wendy, I’d starve on the navy’s ship. Their food is chiefly noodle foods using a salad bar and overcooked veggies. Not exactly nutritious. I find this ironic because she’s on a logistics ship.

Must be inspection day now. Tensions are high. Not sure why. To me an inspection is a fantastic thing. If they find something wrong on the ship it gets reported, then fixed. Right? Well, not necessarily correct. Usually from first-hand experience years before when they crewed. Certainly not how things are done now or what you were told to do. Regulations are changing all the time, and everyone is expected to adapt. However, resources aren’t always made available.

Woohoo! After countless sunsets of reds, gray and pink, land is finally in sight. The boat is going into port where its crew members get to go onshore for a mental health break. The only question – is it filled with security checkpoints or can you walk right off the ship and be in the middle of everything? Some men like to get away or take a rest. Those that come in on a Foreign flagship usually head to Walmart before heading out again. Poor Wendy, that’s when she gets the busiest. She arranges travel for any of her team members that are leaving the ship for vacation. They don’t get to leave the vessel until their replacement gets onboard. Mike and Captain Tod don’t always go ashore . I don’t always agree. Sometimes it’s a good idea to get off the ship for a change of scenery. Even if only for a few hours. That would be an excellent help. Exactly like in corporate, the team is asked to do more with less people. According to Mike, the distinction is that the office building is not going to run into something.

If you have read any of my stuff, you will know security is a mega concern. Crowley Maritime sets it high on their list as well. Every meeting starts with a security and cultural moment which includes wellness and behavior. They realize to be a high performing company they have to support their employees work life balance and wellness. Their trainings vary depending on the ship. Its operations. The seafarers and shore-

side personnel. Each oil ship has magnetic signs throughout the boat. “We don’t need to be reactive,” says David DeCamp, Sr Communicator, Strategist for Crowley Maritime. “We are thinking prevention and preventing incidents as much as possible.” Just remember, once you’re on the ship, it’s 1 hand for the ship and one hand for you. Keep your balance and keep safe.

Back riding the waves, the crew appears happy. Many sunrises and sunsets later end of tour obligation is fast approaching. I start to wonder what signs to watch for that folks are ready to get off the ship. Oye! How can they handle the stress? After all, my stints on recreational boats are a lot shorter and less crew. So, I asked around.

“When the guys get silent,” says Mike. “If you’re standing watch together and for four hours they don’t say 1 word when normally you’d be having a fantastic conversation. After that you’ll see them start fouling things up a lot. Some guys will just explode, or else they’ll do something – either conscientiously or subconscientiously – where it is endangering their job.”

Wendy says you are going to hear of someone who starts giving away things. Saying goodbye to others on the boat or simply seems despondent. These are usually signs of suicide, she says. Especially, amongst the younger team members.

When it comes time to destress, hit the gym onboard the ship or do some kind of exercise. Talk to your peers and find some alone time. Especially if you’re married. It helps ease their stress as well. If email isn’t easily available, write those emails , then once in port send them out all at once. Guaranteed the receiver will be looking forward to them. “Remember it’s important to take care of yourself,” states Captain Tod. “Not just mentally but physically. Sometimes you have-to consume that pastry at 3:00am or beverage that thick coffee. Working long hours adds extra stress to your body both physically and emotionally.”

Finally, it’s important to enjoy your time off. Someone else is doing your job on the boat for another 75 days or however long your tour of duty is. Get rested up. Recharge. Then get ready to get back out there for all those long hitches.


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The beautiful and balmy Greek island of Crete is ideal for an active vacation. Many tourists flock here annually to unwind on the gorgeous beaches. But to find a distinct and somewhat quieter side to this holiday hotspot, why not consider a camping and trekking holiday on the island?

Hiking is the best way to find this rugged island. From mountain paths that take you up and over Crete’s rocky backbone, to gorge walks that will demonstrate the scenic Samaria Gorge or Rouvas Gorge as well as many lesser known examples, a few of which are extremely tricky to cross. Up to now, it’s said that only ten people have been able to cross the nearly inaccessible Gorge of Rat Removal. Do not worry however, there are also many simpler coastal walks that the entire family will have the ability to enjoy.

The route stretches from one end of the island, at Elafonisi, to Kato Zakros in the other, and is marked with black and yellow signs. Be warned however, not all of the walking paths on Crete are especially well signposted. It can be tricky to navigate on Crete as a result of absence of detailed mapping. Standard orienteering skills and a compass are essential for any would-be adventurers that are wanting to explore the mountainous interior and dramatic gorges of the island. Also bear in mind it may get hot – wear practical clothing to protect you from sunlight and always make sure you carry enough water with you.

Hiking in among the more accessible gorges of Crete is somewhat less challenging that ascending the hills. Why not go to the most popular Samaria Gorge? Because of this, don’t expect to walk alone. However, notwithstanding the crowds, this is a stunning walk with stunning scenery, and a opportunity to see Cretan wild goats.

If you’re going on vacation to Crete, think about leaving the stunning shores behind and heading inland, taking a walk to learn what this island is actually all about. You’re certain to be amazed and enthralled by the scenery and the timeless wonder of the island.

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As we keep traveling and viewing the country side or when we sit at home and watch documentaries on television, we are in awe of natures production and beauty. We always want to be a part of that beautiful scenario and enjoy the wonders of nature.

Most people have a great hobby of experiencing the above by going on hikes to such destinations. Hiking not only gives you an enjoyable sense but also is an exercise regimen for good health.

Doctors advise walking as a good exercise for one’s health. As soon as you develop the habit and stamina for routine walking, then venture out to hike which generally is on uneven surfaces. Start with small walking trips and slowly build it up for more challenging hikes.

One of the main reasons why most individuals go on hikes is to get away from the daily mechanical lifestyles and just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Some of them traveling with friends for partying while some others enjoy the business of the family members for a picnic excursion.

These reasons should encourage you to pick up your backpacks and have a rest from your everyday rituals.

  1. Outdoor Excercise: Hiking enables you to get the much-needed exercise to keep your heart in good shape. Not just it helps you to control weight, but keeps you fit and energetic. The knee joints get the much-needed movement to keep it smooth and flexible.
  2. Experience Natures Beauty: Imagine the smell of fresh air, the caressing breeze, the swaying trees and flowers with their magical fragrance. The warm sunshine, the chirpy birds as well as the crunchy sound of dry leaves under your feet. There is a joy in having your senses getting awakened to the wondrous world around you.
  3. Freedom: Your mind and body relieve you of anxiety and worry. You forget your workplace and business worries for all those beautiful moments. It produces a feeling of spirituality and makes you liberated. Further, it helps you de-stress and rejuvenate.
  4. Friendship and bonding: Going with friends or relatives create a feeling of oneness. There is unity, love, and friendship that binds each one strongly. The destination and motives are common as you trek along panting and laughing. A drink or a meal with your journey can make your excursion a much more pleasurable experience.

Hiking 101

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For those who have a great deal of friends who like to travel or go camping, you have probably been encouraged to go trekking once or twice. It is a fun activity for everyone whether you are the outdoor type or not. Hiking enables you to see amazing sights first hand and experience nature like no other. First and foremost, it can help you disconnect from gadgets such as your phone or notebook and bond with friends in an amazing way.

Choose a Simple trail

As with any other sport or outdoor activity, hiking can be performed in a variety of difficulties. It is all dependent on the trail you select that ought to be suitable for your level. As a beginner, choose one that’s suitable for your level of fitness. As you begin to get the hang of it, you can opt for harder trails in the long run. You should also do your part to express yourself and prepare for the trip emotionally and physically. If you do not have a trail to practice on, the fitness center would do – try exercises such as the elliptical and stair climber.

Get the basic equipment

Since hiking is an outdoor activity, you should be prepared for the outdoors concerning clothing and gear. The most significant one is the footwear that you are likely to use. An excellent, quality set of rubber shoes would do (based on the road ), but it’s strongly recommended that you invest in a good pair of hiking shoes/boots that provides ankle support and preferably one that’s waterproof. It’s vital that you break in these shoes before your hike to prevent blisters. But just in case, bring a few blister band aids.

You are going to need Centurian Services on your journey. Make sure to eat a good, solid meal prior to going and that you pack snacks with you (preferably light ones which contain plenty of natural sugars and wholesome fats).

Bear in mind that hiking is both a psychological and physical activity so that you should condition these two aspects of yourself before your trip. When it appears hard, just bear in mind that what you will see at the end of your hike will be worthwhile.

Freestyle Cruising

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Ever heard of freestyle cruising in a Norwegian Cruise?

Freestyle cruising happens to be one of the most in-things in the island-hopping industry. It is thought of as an intercontinental cruising characterized by a free spirited approach to enjoying a trip across the world’s great open seas. If you are one of those who never believed such a holiday existed, read on.

Freestyle cruising allows guests and passengers in any of the lines’ state-of-the-art ships to exercise complete control over their stay on the floating hotels. Passengers can choose when they want to eat, where they would like to consume, or how they want to eat. Dining on a Norwegian Cruise is nothing like any other line since it boasts of no set dining times, no dining partners, no dress codes, and provides a vast choice of restaurants and dining rooms on board each ship for the type of cuisine that suits your every mood.

Living accommodation arrangements can be made freestyle also, with Norwegian Cruise’s wide selection of accommodations from the largest suites to extraordinary villas to interconnecting suites and staterooms that virtually match any group size. The line’s complex of villas and deluxe owners’ treats are aptly dubbed as having your own ship in a ship. These resorts offer luxurious and spacious bedrooms, world-class resort type baths, sundeck, pool, exercise area, and a dedicated butler all conveniently situated on a private deck of this boat.

With Norwegian Cruise, you’re also able to design the sort of fun and amusement you want as the line has the youngest, technologically innovative, and higher tech fleet to give you a truly innovative and memorable experience on board. The fun never stops with a varied selection of nightlife, family fun and games, shore excursions, and a lot more. On top of that, you can be assured that the Norwegian’s staff and crew won’t ever pull you off your bed merely to queue for an on-shore tour. The freedom to choose is put at the maximum premium on these trips which you can freely opt to go with the group for a tour or just lounge on your bed the whole trip… of course, that would not be fun whatsoever.

This landmark service feature of Norwegian Cruise truly exemplifies the very essence of going on a cruise: freestyle living without any hassles or even the smallest hint of compulsion from the staff and crew is definitely the way to go.

Popular Ports of Call

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When considering vacationing aboard a cruise liner, they are lots of men and women that are unconscious of what to expect. Individuals who’ve not had in a cruise liner before tend to be a little bit confused as it concerns cruise ship destinations and ports of calls. If you’re interested in using some sort of cruise, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with cruise liner airports and destinations of calls.

A port of call is a termed which is used by a number of cruise companies. It’s used to refer to stops a cruise ship will make on the way. If you’re curious about booking a holiday aboard a boat which makes multiple port stops, then you’ll want to translate the ports available. Deciding on a cruise liner is sufficient to create any holiday perfect, but choosing the right ports of calls will produce a holiday even more enjoyable.

When analyzing the cruise ships provided by numerous cruise lines, you ought to automatically be supplied with cruise boat stops. Information may be available regarding the amount of time the cruise boat plans on staying in a specific port. If the stop is long enough, you it’s in a place to see local attractions.

All around the planet, they are numerous ports that cruise liners regularly stop at. Nearly all the hottest vents are located in the Caribbean. If you’re looking for a tropical getaway, you might like to consider the climate of each port before making your reservation.

Caribbean cruises are often considered to be the most popular varieties of cruises, but they’re not the single ones which are available.

Additionally ports of call, you’ll also see information on a cruise ship’s final destination. When choosing a cruise ship, the final destination is vitally important. This is because most, but not each cruise ships return to their initially place of departure. For prevent unnecessary traveling, it’s advised that you start looking for a cruise liner which contributes to its original port of departure.

As above, cruises ship holidays are popular all around the planet. When choosing a cruise liner to holiday on, you’re encouraged to maintain this in mind. In addition the ports of call and onboard activities, you need to interpret picking a cruise liner determined by its location of death. If you are considering vacationing on a cruise, but while on a budget, then you might like to pick a port of departure that’s located approximately home.

Cruise ships depart from ports all around the planet. Popular departure locations from the Untied States include, but are not Limited to, Texas, New Jersey, Louisiana, Hawaii, and Florida. Additional departure ports might be around; nonetheless, it will all hinge on the cruise boat in question.

With all the available cruise liner destinations and ports of call, choosing a cruise liner to holiday on may seem overpowering. Taking the event to research popular cruise ship destinations and ports of call is the most suitable means to make the most out of your cruise boat voyage. For more check out New Braunfels Wildlife Removal

Princess Cruise Lines

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The business was founded back in the year 1965 and has been offering its passengers with a few of the most memorable journeys and holidays ever since. The major rise to fame for the Princess Cruises came with the introduction of the Love Boat TV series that featured two of its cruise liners, the Pacific Princess and the Island Princess.

Additionally, the business offers its travellers with award winning service and characteristics which ensure that every one of its guests have a fantastic time while on board. One of the chief charms of this Princess Cruises is its exceptional cruise itineraries which cover a number of the most exotic locales of the world. With more than 1000 cruise itineraries and 300 interfaces to select from, tourists can also be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a travel aboard the Princess. Moreover, all the ships sailing under the Princess flag boasts of world-class support, sumptuous food and Maharaja style luxury.

The Princess Cruises also boast of a massive fleet which sail all around the world on various itineraries.

Great On-Board Expertise

Another reason for the immense popularity of this Princess Cruises is its magnificent onboard encounter. The ship is full of activities and things to do for tourists of all ages to keep them content and inhabited from sun rise up until sunset and beyond. Among the most popular beaches aboard the Princess is its piazza styled atrium that becomes the magnificent centrepiece on each of the ships. These atriums are dispersed over several decks and feature panoramic views of the boat, the signature Vines Bar and International Café and a stunning spiral stairs.

Other popular activities aboard the Princess Cruise Ships are poolside activities, cooking demonstrations, digital photography workshops, an assortment of sports like golf and ping-pong, vast libraries, mesmerizing nightlife, grand casinos, designer boutiques, art auctions, youth centres and adolescent lounges and pampering spas. Some of the most popular creations aboard the Princess are anytime dining choices and Movie Under the Stars. The latter is very popular amongst couples and fans since they give an extremely romantic chance to see a film with loved ones in a 300 square foot, 69000 watt poolside movie theater. This experience is made even better with personalized touches like comfy blankets, chaise lounges, free popcorn and cookies and milk.

An individual may also experience a behind the scenes boat tour that allows passengers to have a glimpse of how the boat runs and functions. The tour is offered once or twice daily and enables passengers to catch a glimpse of the control space, print shop, medical centre, photo laboratory, bridge, laundry area and other areas that are generally visited only by the boat’s crew.

The living accommodations that are provided by the Princess Cruises will also be one of the best. Passengers can choose from a selection of accommodation options including basic interior cottages, Ocean view cottages, cabins with balconies, mini suites with balconies, suites with balconies and grand suites. No matter the choice of accommodation accepted, passengers can expect to be treated to a range of excellent amenities and in space luxuries. The large and exceptionally comfortable beds, beautifully made baths, pleasant décor and in-room entertainment choices make sure that guests have a fantastic time not only on board but at the rooms and cottages also.

Last, the Princess Cruises is also one of the few cruise liners which follow the century old traditions of Bon Voyage where relatives and friends can board the boat to bid farewell to their loved ones ahead of the boat embarks on its journey.

Go Carnival

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Stepping out of your vehicle in the departure port is just the start. If you have never cruised before, prepare for a holiday of a lifetime. The excitement that builds up until you step onto the cruise ship isn’t as large as the excitement that you get after you actually start your adventure at sea.

Carnival Cruise Line certainly does a fantastic job with keeping their guests happy and satisfied throughout the excursion. The second you board the boat and set your belongings into your cabins, you are constantly greeted with friendly and warm smiles from each employee on board. Before the boat departs, everyone on board matches up in the theatre and goes over a security briefing.

There are activities for all ages night and day, and a great deal of entertainment that you truly get to experience during these days at sea. I mean, some mad hilarious entertainment like dance offs and harry chest competitions. The activities that occur on board bring families and friends together and also help you make friends also, you could potentially stay in contact with for a lifetime. When your stuck on a ship for a day or two with people, it is wonderful to make new friends which you can hang around the casino with, possibly take dance lessons together and more. And Carnival definitely makes it effortless to do so.

While on board, the workers attempt to bring people together with all their displays, entertainment on the deck during the day, etc. It is nice seeing everybody gathered around in one large area laughing and dancing together.

Apart from all the entertainment, the food on the boats are out of the world also! You’re guaranteed never to be hungry during your holiday, with the pizza bar, ice cream stand, and meals buffet they always have on the deck. It is extremely tasty food too! Also, every night there’s a timed dinner for your loved ones and friends to enjoy and the majority of the time, you get your own table, based on how many people you’ve got and all. However, the food there is amazing too. It’s a 3 course meal which will be tough to forget! And trust me, you’ll certainly leave full. Apart from the food, these dishes are a wonderful time to share exciting events which happened throughout your day on board, or to discuss the excursions your loved ones and friends took part in that day. During this time once more, the workers will always be certain you’re having a fantastic time! Some nights they sing, sing, and make you are family and friends involved too. Every second is filled with laughter and fun.

In regards to ports of call, the workers on board are there to be sure you have a excellent time their too.

Carnival Cruise Line has left me and many others joyful with filled with unforgettable memories, and has had me wanting to return on another cruise because the day I stepped from the boat, additionally, it has me today wanting to work for the Cruise Line Industry at a certain stage later on.

If you’re considering booking a cruise at a certain point later on, try out Carnival Cruise Line, so you could leave your holiday happy and filled with unforgettable memories also.

Disney Cruises

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Day 1; We arrived at the port in Copenhagen, Denmark around 1:00pm, though you are able to board as early as 11am. We gave ourselves 3 hours to board (the boat sets sail at 4pm) so that we could research Copenhagen before we left on our vacation. This day included us exploring the ship and signing up for kids clubs. One of the incredible things about Disney, is their children clubs. They have rooms for different aged kids to go hang out in, participate in activities and make new friends. This gives parents a chance to have some time alone and know their kids are safe and having fun. During this, everyone waves to the passengers staying in Copenhagen & dances along with Mickey & his friends on stage. Once this is finished, we headed to the 6:30pm theatre series. Depending on the dinner time you request (6:00pm or 8:30pm) you will either watch the theater series at 6:30pm or 8:30pm, the opposite time that your eating dinner. I absolutely love the shows. Disney does an amazing job making up themes and special acts to entertain their viewers.

Day two was a”Day at Sea”, so we did not stop anywhere. We enjoyed our day watching Disney movies at Buena Vista Theater, participating in games at Vibe (a teen club), eating lunch at Cabanas (the buffet at deck 9), enjoying yet another theater series, & eating dinner at one of the three rotational dining restaurants (Lumiere’s, Animators Palate, or Cariocas.) Depending upon your room card, you will rotate between these three distinct yummy restaurants. This night included Formal Dinner. This means we were encouraged to dress fancy (like dresses & dresses or suits for guys ) Day’s at sea are, in my opinion, among the best times on the ship. Disney provides their guests with the choice of Cabanas (the buffet on deck 9), Lumiere’s (one of the 3 rotational dining restaurants), or one of the quick service restaurants on deck 9. The quick service restaurants include Daisy’s Delights (a sandwich, salad, fruit, and cookie rack ), Pete’s Boiler Bites (a hamburger, hotdog, taco, etc.. . American fare type of rack ), and Pinocchio’s Pizza (a pizza stand where you can assemble any pizza you prefer.) Disney Magic does a fantastic job producing grade A food daily and making sure to cook the food in a fast way, but keeping the taste incredible. Now, the food is not the only reason I totally love day’s at sea. Though food is a key factor, Disney also provides their guests with a news post every night, allowing them to see what actions are brewing for them the following day (you also have the choice of using their Disney Cruise Line app to find the menus and activities for each day.) This activities sheet is always full of karaoke, newly released movies, work out games, and more during the days at sea. Disney makes sure that their guests always have something new and fun to do on the boat, knowing some might get bored not having anywhere to dock.

We arrived and walked Tallinn Old Town, which gave us a true idea of their culture. We also explored the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, The Estonian Maritime Museum (an old prison), and Fat Margarets Tower (a large building next to the ship.) Like most of you know, northern Europe has quite sketchy weather. Knowing this, I packaged a range of different clothes and layers. Tallinn stayed in the 60 degree F area during the majority of our visit, which was amazing. My dad and brother could wear just shorts and a t shirt, so it really depends upon your tolerance for cool weather. I am a little girl, so the wind was a bit chilly for me, describing the long sweater.

On this day, we decided to get a bus driver and a tour guide (Alla Tours.) St. Petersburg had multiple churches (Church of the Spilled Blood for example) and palaces (Catherine’s Palace), so we needed someone to help us find our way around. I recommend finding a tour guide you trust (such as Alla Tours), because during our visit to Catherine’s Palace (and a few other city monuments), the line wrapped around the building to get in, but our tour guide found a way to bypass the line and sneak us in, in only 15 minutes. Like Tallinn, St. Petersburg’s weather was very strange. The morning was chilly and forced me to wear a scarf (Madewell) and a thick coat (Madewell), but later in the day the temperature got warmer (maybe 67 degrees F) which enabled me to wear only a light rain coat (Spice), because St. Petersburg did tend to scatter every so often. On this night, there was no theater series because of all aboard being at 11:30pm. This means, you had the option of staying in Russia until 11:30pm or coming early and having dinner but no display.

This day was a bit shorter because all aboard was around 5pm. We decided to ride a carousel to see that the town & have a boat ride to explore a small island with history about Finland (Suomenlinna.) We didn’t realize how large and historic Suomenlinna was, therefore we were not able to see all of its rich history. I suggest spending multiple hours here, if you decide to see this place in Finland. This night included the Semi Formal Dinner. This means we had to dress up a little nicer than usual for our dinner, to take pictures. Disney does not ask you to dress up any of the nights on cruise, but through these special nights, it is highly encouraged. I wore a mini skirt (Abercrombie & Fitch), a tank top (American Eagle), and sandals (Tory Burch.)

This day was shorter because all aboard was 3:30pm. We decided to see the Armory & the Royal Palace next to it. If you are traveling with any boys or men, I recommend visiting the Armory. It was very cool for my brother and dad to see all the military armor, weaponry, and royal carriages. We also bought tickets for the Hop on Hop off bus, but it was quite busy and packed (because of all of the boats docked in Stockholm that day), I would not recommend buying a ticket for this bus in this town. This night Disney included”Anna & Elsa’s Frozen Deck Party”, which meant we all went up on Deck 9 before dinner to watch the Frozen characters dance and sing on stage. Disney also changed their theatre show on this night. Unlike their normal broadway style show, they provided us with a comedian show.

Day 7 was our final day, so that it was another”Day at Sea.” This day was much like Day 2, except that the cruise included activities like scrap booking all of your memories & jack jack’s diaper dash (a race between babies that can crawl.) Usually my family and I prefer to eat lunch at Cabanas (the unlimited buffet is always nice), but on this day, my father and I decided to test out Lumieres for lunch. I had the cuban sandwich and parmesan veal with pasta (two entrees were a must on this day) and my father had the shrimp and pad thai noodles. Both meals were fantastic! Disney once again found a way to blow us away. When the day was almost to an end, we enjoyed the last series (Disney Dreams) & a dinner in Animators Palate (among the 3 rotational restaurants.) After all was completed, the cruise wrapped up the day with a”See you real soon” celebration in the Lobby Atrium on Deck 3. This show included a wave good bye to all the characters on board along with a pin trading session (all of the guests on board came together to trade their Disney pins.)

Day 8 was our final morning on the boat, which meant you went to breakfast at the place you had dinner at the evening before or eat at Cabanas (the buffet on Deck 9.) For my family and I, we ate at Animators Palate once more. After eating the final meal on the ship, everyone disembarked and headed to the airport to fly home. Disney allows all their guests to eat and explore the ship before leaving, which was fine because we did not feel rushed to get off the boat and allow the new guests begin their vacation.

This 7 night cruise from Copenhagen was a fantastic trip and well worth the cost. I know tons of people are thinking,”A cruise is way to expensive. You pay for an expensive ship, expensive plane tickets, expensive hotel nights before the trip, expensive excursions, & expensive trinkets,” but I am here to tell you, it’s all worth it. My family and I have seen and made memories I may never have the ability to make again. I am a 16 year old girl and I’ve now already been to more countries than over half the adults I know, & this is all because my parents were prepared to pay the money to take me on a life altering cruise in the Baltic.

Flying Private

Aircraft, Travel, Vacations, Flight

There are lots of different private jets which charter daily, among the most popular jets is the Embraer 120.

When you select private jets as your travel option than you will need to learn about the different jets available to you. Knowing what different personal jets are on offer can enable you to choose which one is acceptable for your adventure. The Embraer 120 is one of those jets which may be seen at most private aviation companies. This jet is ideal for businessmen. With a seating capacity of 30 individuals it is simple to fly yourself and your staff members to your destination in luxury and relaxation. It’s a twin-turboprop that may reach a maximum speed of 608 mph during flight. Its sleek design aids in this rate and will surely be certain you get to your destination on time. This jet requires 2 pilots and just 1 flight attendant which means you could enjoy first class personalised service during your journey. It’s a fantastic jet to travel on, particularly once you want private service but still have to transport a great deal of people. It’s certainly a jet that’s well worth hiring for your next business trip.

Why should you decide to fly privately?

Flying independently is regarded as a luxury by many. This is definitely the case but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they common man can’t enjoy travelling by private jet. What you want to consider is that the reasons why you’d want to fly independently. The fact of the matter is that it is vital for individuals to fly nowadays so as to get to overseas destinations. Private jets, due to being smaller than commercial airlines have the ability to get one to remote destinations which have smaller landing strips. Thus, a private jet may be necessary depending on the place you will need to travel too.

The other important element that has to be taken into account is comfort. And of course the fact you will need to endure a very long flight with hundreds of different men and women. Flying privately will make certain you have the opportunity to prepare, get some great rest, enjoy delicious meals and personalised service. In addition to that you’ll have the ability to employ the airplane at a time that suits you, rather than choosing what the airline is dictating.


Airbus, A380, Aircraft

Lufthansa is a Germany-based airline, working under the business name Deutsche Lufthansa AG. It’s the biggest carrier in Europe on the basis of passengers transported in addition to fleet size. Along with commercial flight services, the parent company also supplies numerous other aviation services. This airline began its operations in the year 1955 and contains two significant hubs at Munich and Frankfurt Airports. Additionally, it has a secondary hub at Düsseldorf Airport that assists the carrier in smooth functioning by the carrier. The majority of its operations are tracked from the registered office and headquarters in Cologne. Lufthansa Airline has emerged as one of the greatest service providers all around the world and has also been recognized for supplying top-notch services throughout the journey.

It is among the founding members of the Star Alliance – a major alliance in the world. It has increased the reach of the carrier significantly, allowing traveller to go for Lufthansa Airline booking for many destinations, where it doesn’t operate a direct flight. Along with this, in addition, it shares codes with Luxair, Air India, JetBlue Airways and Air Malta. This means that individuals can avail services of those carriers by reserving tickets with Lufthansa. People, that are looking ahead to traveling with this airline, can undergo the following information before booking their tickets.

As with other service providers, individuals can pick from three traveling courses – First, Business and Economy Classes. More than 500 choices are recorded in the Lufthansa flight Program. Having a fleet size of over 270 aircraft, this company connects major cities lying in 78 nations. Travellers can find a opportunity to experience a hassle-free traveling in a number of the most recent aircraft manufactured by Airbus and Boeing by making their bookings with this carrier. They can easily find the comprehensive information concerning the program on online travel portals.

The price of making reservations is dependent upon the booking class and destinations. The free baggage allowance defers with the course of booking. Travellers may also select the private jet services supplied by the carrier. It’s famous for offering value for money services; therefore, individuals are able to opt for this particular airline for their traveling without giving another thought. They may also avail benefits of its frequent flyer program to generate the travel more economical. It’s a 3-tier app – Miles and More Member, Frequent Travellers, Senator and Honorable Circle Member. The status depends upon the amount of miles per hour, which is offered to passengers on every Lufthansa Airline booking. Travellers can get alluring deals and offers by creating reservations online.

They can check it by using dedicated mobile programs or online travel portals simply by giving the PNR number as an inputsignal.

Build a log cabin

Image result for Building a log cabin

Log cabins are a trend. It’s an perfect option and there are a lot of styles which you can select from and this is what produces the option such an intriguing one. When you purchase at wholesale, you are able to spend much less. This option is most suitable for anyone who is prepared to purchase their logs at a cost that’s fair. It is also ideal for anybody who wishes to build many homes at the same time.

When you have the right plan, you will have an idea of what it is that you need even after you start shopping for the right company. You can purchase and then send the only things which you require for the job at hand.

Building for less

Building can be an experience that is not only rewarding, but also enjoyable as well for your whole family. If you do not plan, it can also turn out to be a nightmare. When you buy a kit that has everything included it can actually cost you more than when you get the materials for yourself.

To avoid this additional expense, it is reasonable to buy the logs at wholesale and save some cash. You can have these sent to you and taken right to the site.

There are several suppliers who can meet your purchasing needs at the lowest prices. As you make the purchase, it is important to make certain you can be able to customize the choice and fulfill the specifications that you really need.

Professional help

The best suppliers need to have a great reputation in the business. Before you purchase, it is important to make sure that they are well known and that their products are of the finest quality. This is the only way in which you can end up with the best construction. It is always important to check the prices so as to be able to compare the kind of savings you will have the ability to make.

These kinds of structures are excellent for home offices, and fantastic garden buildings. It’s important to ensure that they are spacious and with a peaceful environment. The heavy materials utilized help to ensure they can be used all through the year. As such, the thickness is one of the most important things that should be considered.

The most important factor when making the purchase is understanding just what you need. It is important to make your specifications quite clear and include all of the features which you deem to be essential for you. Consider the windows and the door as well as all other security features that will keep you and your family safe.

Building a fire

Campfire, Burning, Camping, Close-Up

A fire is needed in almost any backpacking, hiking, or camping survival situation. It can seem like a simple task building a campfire, but most men and women struggle building one. Moreover, it may be more challenging to construct a campfire if you run out of matches. Whether it is a campfire for cooking or for providing heat during cold nights, it is essential that you know the proper way to build a campfire, with or without games, when camping.

Nothing beats the appeal and taste of foods cooked over the campfire. The freedom to cook over an open fire now is a privilege due to limited areas of camping and declining firewood stocks in many campgrounds. This calls for utmost caution and respect.

Requirements for Building a Campfire for Cooking

Fire location

Pay attention to the floor where the fire will be lit before starting to prepare the fire place. It’s recommended you build the fire over a stone. In case it’s impossible on a stone, you need to ensure that the base of the fire is on a bare mineral soil. When the time comes to put out the fire, a simple bucket of water will not do-have a fire pit mechanism in place. First, look out for previously established pits, if any, before scarring the area with more fire pits.


Campfire for cooking should be clean, and burning hot. Getting green timber from trees won’t bear fruit because of its fire burn badly and create unnecessary smoke. Call ahead to find out what is available as many people campgrounds supply firewood.

Wind Shelter

Strong winds are hazardous in cooking. And may cause sparks getting away, which may spark forest fire. Strong winds reduce firewood fast and offer much less cooking time. Thus, a wind shelter is critical to daunt important winds from interfering with your cooking.


These are small materials that ignite easily and quickly with a spark. The material have to be as dry and finely shredded as possible.


Medium-sized substances that would catch fire from tinder, quickly. Kindling material must be dry, small items in order to catch fire.

Building a Campfire for Cooking

When building a campfire for cooking, the purpose is to have all the wood turn to coal at the same time. This would produce an even fire with no flames going up to the meals or blackening your cookware. This also builds the longest cooking time in the fire produced.

Site preparation

The fire site should be located at least 8″ from bushes or any combustibles. Make sure no tree branches hang round the website. Use green logs or large rocks to produce a U-shaped perimeter around the fire area. If using logs to the perimeter, have them down from time to time. In the event of a breeze, have back end of fire place face the wind. Create some form of chimney; you may have a big flat rock put at the back of the fire area, to help direct the smoke up and away.

Laying the Kindling

Distribute the fire place with tinder. Place kindling material over the tinder in layers, interchanging management with each layer. You can use use of thin splits of wood or small dead branches. Do not put kindling materials the”teepee style”. Cover the whole fire place with the kindling stack.

The wood should have the same dimensions, as much as possible. It is possible to use hardwood or hardwood branches. When flames start to die down leaving largely white coals, remove the white coals by pushing them in the lower level at the front and back end in a higher level. This would level the rest of the coal to your liking. Set rocks or wetted green logs around the fire for placing the grill or toaster for cooking.

Best Method of Building a Campfire for Cooking

Even though the tepee method is more popular, the log cabin procedure is the best for cooking.

Log Cabin Method

You build a small tepee of tinder and kindling at the center of your fireplace. Then piled wood logs a foot or less apart in an interchanging pattern around the tepee in the shape of a square. The distance between logs allows for air circulation from bottom to top of the fireplace. Build the wood logs as big as you would like. Light the kindling in the middle. You can blow into the tepee if the flame struggles to set ablaze or dig small air holes beneath the bottom logs. Keep the fire at a reasonable and safe size.

The Platform

This is accomplished by building a solid log cabin, with the largest logs at the base and something about the size of your wrist on top. The platform is for all those who want a nice bed of coals to cook on. You don’t need to wait for it all to burn down before you begin cooking.

The platform procedure is known as”upside down” fire when larger logs are used. It is upheld for its ability to burn for a long time, unattended. Don’t forget to put the largest logs on the bottom and scale to smaller stuff at the top. Light fire at the top. As you practice, you will figure out the perfect size of wood required to create fire that burns by itself, all night.

It can be slightly difficult learning how to create campfire using platform method. The trick is to create a large enough teepee on top in order to create a bed of coals that will be effective at burning down through the first layer, igniting it, building a larger bed of coals etc..

The Tepee Method

Then put it in the middle of the fire area. Lean wood logs on the kindling. Leave an opening at the teepee for light the pile of tinder in the bottom with games. The fire spreads to the kindling and logs once the tinder lights; providing you a excellent campfire. You may blow softly on the fire to get it spread into the kindling and wood. In case the fire goes out, add more tinder or kindling. When the blaze is moving, keep adding logs from the tepee pattern.


There are a bunch of approaches to build campfire, but the important thing here is to practice, find the method that most suits your cooking and you are comfortable with. You can even customize the flame to your unique needs on a particular night, Practicing the hard way, with Ferro rod, knife and tinder, and leaning to prepare your own wood with limited tools helps develop vital skills for survival.


Tarantula, Brachypelma Klaasi

To lots of people, tarantulas are disgustingly revolting because they’re hairy, stocky, and fearsome-looking. . .But to other people, they’re TERRIFIC! Despite their reputations, most tarantulas are harmless to humans and are popular in exotic pet trade. There are no true tarantulas which are known to have a bite that’s deadly to humans.

Some people even eat them. . .Yup, that’s what I said!

Tarantulas range in colors from brown, black and grey (very drab) to excitingly colorful kinds of metallic blue, white and black, bright orange, and cobalt blue.

Tarantulas are very often hairy and quite large. They don’t spin webs, unless they reside in a tunnel, because they hunt their prey on the floor. If they live in a tube, they’re known to line that tube with internet to catch drifting prey. They use their speed and ambush capabilities to catch different spiders and insects. Larger varieties are even know to capture lizards, birds and rodents.

My Story: When I lived in Australia back in 1994-95, I was on the phone with my mother in Canada as I had been wandering around the house. All of a sudden, I let out a huge scream and dropped the phone. I came back to pick up the telephone to describe to her that I just walked into the restroom. At the bottom of the tub was a huge, hairy spider about the size of a saucer (like it’s legs), and it was making a noise and leaping about 1 1/2 ft into the air.

I was so petrified, I did not know what to do. My mom was scared on the other end of the phone as I got a clear plastic container and hauled some holes into the base of it, and covered it up in the tub until my roommates came home, who were native Aussies…

They thought it was so funny I was so scared, but I had never seen one before, being from Canada! They safely let it out for me. Not my cup of tea, but a lot of people loves these little guys! I wish I would have considered taking a photo of it!

Scientific Classification:

-Superfamily: Theraphosoidea

Tarantulas rely upon their thick exoskeleton for support and protection. The body length of tarantulas vary from 2.5 – 10 cm (1-4 inches), with 8-30 cm (3 to 12 inch) leg spans (their size when including their legs).

Conservation Status: For the most part, tarantulas do well. However, the Mexican red-knee tarantula is on the Critically Endangered list according to WWF. This is because urbanization, increasing tourism, and exploitation of wildlife are high-intensity threats to the area, as are road building, perennial plantations, and ranching.

Why are Flamingos pink?

Flamingo, Bird, Colorful, Feather, Pride

It would appear to make sense to answer the question”Why are flamingos pink?” With”That’s just the way it is”. Elephants are gray, canaries are yellow, so why shouldn’t flamingos be pink? Well, there actually is a very good reason.

To begin with, young flamingos aren’t pink, they are gray (such as an elephant) for about the first few decades of life, after which they turn pink. Not all adult flamingos are pink either, though most are either pink or a shade of red near pink. Of the five species of flamingo in life, the Caribbean flamingo, is truly a very bright red red. In general, adult flamingos are red, pink, or someplace in between.

Genetics would seem to be the obvious answer, but it’s not the best one. There is the old saying”You are what you eat”, and flamingos are pink because of their diet. If you place a flamingo in captivity, and give it something to eat instead of its regular diet, the bird will so start to lose its coloring, and eventually become more white than pink.

A flamingo’s diet is high in beta-carotene, the exact same substance we consume when we eat carrots. Their normal habitat is in shallow lakes and wetlands, where fish have a tendency to thrive. Flamingos also eat algae, another source of beta-carotine and carotenoid pigments (red). When you think of it, someone who likes carrots and eats a few a day can take on a slightly orange color for their complexion. That actually happens, and isn’t unhealthy though it may look so.

Now when someone asks you “Why are flamingos pink?” , you can honestly say it is because they eat shrimp. You can go into some detail with the cartenoid bit if you desire, but for our purposes, just saying fish should suffice. Then if you’re pressed, you can mention cartenoids and beta-carotine, as if that’s something everybody should already know!

If the person still does not believe your answer, you can let them know that flamingos also fly and march, two more details about flamingos that definitely are true. We’re so used to seeing flamingos from the zoo just standing on one leg (it is the most comfortable way for them to stand), or as lawn ornaments in the area, we forget that they are quite capable of flight, and in fact fly from one location to another in huge flocks. Insofar as marching is concerned, if you see a group (actually a colony) of flamingos on the floor, and observe them over a period of time, you will finally see them march.

Eat more pasta

Pasta, Spaghetti, Food, Italian, Tomato

It’s just as versatile as it’s cheap and it can be served with a lot of different sauces. After, however, are several incredible reasons why this yummy dish ought to be made a routine part of your daily diet.
For active people, this is one of the most mobile foods on the market. As an example, if you regularly pack your lunch for work, it is easy to store this in a policy dish and rewarm it in lunch time. This will offer a hearty, filling meal which will provide you a great deal of energy and at a minimal price. Bringing leftover pasta to function is infinitely less expensive than paying to have someone at a regional deli create your lunch for you.
Another significant benefit which you could benefit from this food is the capacity to create vegetables tasty. As an example, for those who have a difficult time getting your kids to consume a great deal of produce, this is a excellent way to sneak a vibrant selection of nutrient-dense veggies into your kid’s meals. Your little one will hardly know you have diced up peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and olives to this dish. Just ask Ponce Inlet Rat Removal.
There isn’t any way to overstate the fact that pasta is remarkably affordable. Moreover, one little box can go a very long way. For families which are continuously trying to eke it out, this is the best food for ensuring that everybody is able to sate themselves at dinnertime, every time.
Bodybuilders load on this carbohydrate with good reason. It breaks down to lots of usable energy. Whether you’re presently working in the gym to build up your mass or just need more fuel to get you through the day, begin munching on this simple food at lunch time and you’ll realize that you have more stamina and better focus for hours and hours.
People should be aware they don’t always need to cook this dish at home so as to recognize its many remarkable benefits. You may enjoy how simple, portable, flavorful and filling pasta is simply by taking your family out to a restaurant which serves Italian food. On top of that, you can take any leftovers you must lunch with you the following day, so you may enjoy the succulent and perfectly mixed flavors of the popular cuisine all over again.

4 Essentials You Carry

Beach, Foam, Motion, Ocean, Sea
Are you going to attend a beach party this year and you’re thinking what you could carry? I can allow you to solve all the issues. Choosing a holiday close to the beachfront is something distinct from normal vacation destinations. From the word”beach”, you are able to visualize blue water; lovely women in swim wear and water sports.
Here are a few of the essentials which you may carry in your luggage when you’re likely to enjoy with your close friends at the seaside.
It’s one of the significant items which you must carry in the travel bag. Beach wear is available in a variety of designs and sizes depending upon on the body form. Bikinis are the frequent kind of swim wear available in a variety of colors and styles. You may take one of those who match your figure.
2. Lake Wales Wildlife Removal
The glasses are extremely important to carry when you’re going at a beach front. The cat-eye glasses are very common in nowadays. If you really need to shield your eyes, better to choose oversized goggles or an eye wear which may protect your eyes. When packing your luggage, never forget to set a pair of glasses inside.
Surfing is one important game which you can try to do at the shore, but it’s impossible to wear normal pants whenever you’re surfing. You may carry surf wear or purchase from the shore front stores. It’s much better to take the garments from a reputable brand.
Among the worst things about the beach vacation is your tanning. You may take sunscreen lotions of the fantastic brand that can lessen flea and maintain your skin in good shape.
Umbrellas and chairs are extremely common at the shore. It’s impossible to carry the seats in the travel bag. You can purchase one from the shore front shop to enjoy the sun beams. The umbrella is a vital thing for seaside holidays.
These are a few of the items which you may very important at the seafront events and parties. If you would like to keep your travel bag light in weight, purchase these things from the stores in the beach front.

Salamander Ownership

Northwestern Salamander, Amphibian

Salamanders can actually live for a lengthy time. However, this can only be achieved if you take good care of your pet salamander. If you want your pet to live a longer life, then below are some guidelines on how to care for your salamander properly:

Number 1: Before you acquire a salamander, you need to secure a particular collection permit from your local branch of wildlife and conservation department. Your regional authority might be issuing this permit to allow you to keep a salamander at home.

A tank that measures 1×2 feet is enough for a little to midsize salamander. However, it is possible to go to as large as 3×4 feet. It needs to be tight enough to keep the salamander from escaping.

Number 3: Make sure you fill the tank with soil or sand for around 4 inches deep. You may also use an old cake pan or loaf bread pan so that it will fit well with the height of the sand. You need to provide an appropriate substrate for burrowing too.

Number 4: Place fresh water into the container. Salamander loves to remain in damp, dark and green areas; hence you may put green plants inside the tank. When you add water inside the tank, the runoff will eventually keep the sand wet.

Number 5: Secure rocks and other things that can be used as colors like driftwoods and leaves and place it inside your tank. But, ensure you set it in an organized fashion so that it won’t ruin your setup.

Number 6: Salamanders produce excess waste. Because of that, you want to clean the tank every now and then. If you are unable to do so, ammonia will lodge within the tank causing your tank to be polluted.

Number 7: See to it that your tank is always dry for terrestrial terrarium, but keep your substrate slightly damp. If you’re keeping semi-aquatic salamanders, be certain that the land part is moist, but not submerged in water. Meanwhile, the water on the wet-side should always be clean.

Number 8: Salamanders can be kept in room temperature. Normally, salamanders have sensitive skin and they have the tendency to acquire chemicals instantly. Thus, they don’t require certain UV lights. Instead, see to it that you rotate the daylight and dark cycle to imitate their natural environment.

Having a pet at home may wipe out your stress and give you a different sense of happiness. Surely, you will discover a rewarding moment with your own salamander. However, as soon as you have your own salamander, be certain that you don’t forget your responsibilities as a pet owner. Take good care of your salamanders well so that they will live long and happily with you.

Iguana tips

Iguana, White Background, Reptile

Iguanas are magnificent reptiles and possessing them means understanding them. I highly recommend doing your own research as unfortunately some pet shops will tell you what you would like to hear to be able to make”the sale”.

Here are 5 quick and easy iguana care tips:

  1. I highly recommend starting your iguana out in a 20 gallon aquarium (or its equal). Before bringing him/her home, make sure the enclosure is ready for housing. Ensure that your iguana enclosure has UVA and UVB lighting, heat lamp (I do not recommend”heat rocks” as reptiles in general tend to stay on them and can burn), hide box (babies will hide) and a water container big enough for your iguana to completely submerge in (they love water).
  2. After bringing your iguana home, place it in it’s already prepared enclosure and let it settle in for a day or so. It’s imperative to allow your new addition to acclimate to its new surrounding. This can help”tame” your iguana making him/her more trusting and secure.
  3. Being a tropical to sub-tropical species of reptile, high humidity within the enclosure will be essential (80% or higher), as is proper temperature. Temperature during the day will have to be approximately 88 – 93 degrees (f). At nighttime, lower the temperature to 75 – 78 degrees (f). Use a UVB”black light” to accomplish this and put it on the opposite side of this”day” lamp.
  4. Do not be alarmed if your iguana shy’s away from food for the first few days. This is very common until acclimated to its new environment. It’s still crucial to set their food inside their enclosure. Start them out with finely cut romaine lettuce and red cabbage (they love romaine lettuce) for a few days. This will”break them in” and prompt them to feed.

*80% vegetables (clover, romaine lettuce, squash, green beans, peas, mustard greens, collard greens, kale and turnip greens).
*10% fruits (melons, bananas, grapes, strawberries, apples and pears). 1 flower to avoid is the azalea.

In its simplest form: 80% vegetables + 10% veggies + 10% flowers = 100% nutrition!

  1. Maintaining your iguana enclosure clean is quite important! If their enclosure is filthy, your iguana can become susceptible to parasites. Parasites can and eventually will cause illness or worse kill your iguana (s). If you see fecal matter, rotting food, or clouding in their own water, clean the enclosure immediately.

To conclude, Mimicking character is the surest method of keeping your iguana healthy and happy.
As time goes by, you won’t believe your once small lizard is now as long as you. Once your iguana matures, you’ll feel as if he/she a part of the family!

The last step is to locate a excellent exotic veterinarian for your iguana. It’s nice to know that if something should ever go wrong, you have an exotic veterinarian who knows that your iguana and what is needed to keep them healthy and happy.

Owning a Leopard Gecko

Leopard, Gecko, Eye, Pet, Yellow, White

Substrate is a significant concern, as well, and a point of great contention in the leopard gecko community. Some substrates are regarded as safer than others, while some are downright dangerous. There are a few that people have varying viewpoints on, such as sand.

Your lizards won’t do well on bare glass, so it is a good idea to provide them with something to live on. There are many different options available, from newspaper to sand to rock to wood chips. You can find many of them in your home or local pet shop. However, don’t assume safety.

Some are more convenient than others, and some are actually hazardous to your lizard and can cause considerable health problems. Do not assume that just because a substrate is supplied in the pet store, it is going to be safe. Even bedding labeled for leopard geckos may not be a fantastic idea.

Leopard geckos should never be housed on cedar or pine, since these aromatic forests are poisonous to them, and to nearly every other small animal kept as a pet. The substances that maintain these wood chips smelling good are also toxic when inhaled in large quantities or when eaten.

Bear in mind that there’s a good chance that your pet will consume some of its substrate when it catches insects, or in an effort to increase its calcium levels.

This trend is one reason that some people decide to bed their lizards on special calcium-rich sand, as it provides a calcium supplement when ingested, and will not be poisonous. However, there is some disagreement about the digestibility of the substrate, in addition to concern over the use of other forms of sand, because they can cause blockages of the digestive tract.

Health problems may occur with sand beddings, most commonly in young geckos. Aquarium gravel and walnut shells may also be dangerous, as they are small enough to eat, but not big enough to pass efficiently through the digestive tract.

If sand is selected, make sure it’s the best sand you can find, as opposed to a coarser builder’s sand, and supply regular and copious calcium supplementation to discourage your lizard from eating it. Many people successfully keep their animals on sand without any problems, but they must pay careful attention.

If using paper, such as paper or paper towels, make certain it’s blank, or any inks used are non-toxic. This substrate has the advantage of being extremely easy to clean. Just remove the paper and add new substrate whenever it’s dirty. It is not a very natural looking choice, however.

Bark is usually a bad choice, being hard to clean and easy to consume. Reptile carpet, especially made to be used with snakes and lizards, is a washable, easy to clean substrate that comes pre cut into the most popular tank dimensions, but does not offer a natural appearance.

Some people also choose to use ceramic or slate tiles, since these are relatively natural in appearance (unglazed ceramic is better for this than glazed) and offer flat basking surfaces without the danger of substrate ingestion.

Regardless of what substrate you opt to use, make sure it’s clean and free of dangerous objects or substances before putting it in your terrarium. Decide whether you want to simply have the ability to clean it, or if you’ll need to replace it if its dirty, and if a natural look is a significant priority. This will say the best bedding to your geckos.

Ball Pythons

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Every year, ball python breeders are coming out with a new colour or pattern morph to satisfy the needs of keepers and breeders alike. During the last few years, there has been a surge in producing various color or pattern morphs, which would be the envy of the snake world. These can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. There are still plenty of normal ball pythons being bred in captivity for the pet but there’s definite change on the market.

A growing number of people today are keeping reptiles; specifically snakes in general as bits of living art. Philippe de Vosjoli has been a source of not only reptile keeping data but also a source of inspiration for many keepers today. Philippe educated us then and a natural environment is the very best way to celebrate our reptiles.

Reptile collectors today are not satisfied purchasing a snake, placing it into a fish tank with a screen lid, and a heater. They see their reptiles as an investment and want to display them, as they would a Picasso painting. We still see the typical buyers of reptiles within the pet industry but there’s a definite increasing percentage of those that are buying the higher end or more costly morphs so as to create their own artistic statement in there home or office.

Solving the mystery

Keepers are way more knowledgeable today as we all are about the care specifics of reptiles. Over the last three decades, lots of individuals have learned, with much more knowledge about their preferred reptile they could make informed decisions about which product(s) will provide them not only a better environment but also a better way of reptile keeping. Nowadays more keepers are recognizing that it is not about just captive care of reptiles generally, but about the natural history of the entire genre, which is currently making a difference in how they maintain their snakes. Using the ball python for instance, many keepers thought for years that this species was just a fossorial snake. Now we know that ball pythons from some areas climb into small shrubs and spend time there off the floor. With the trend of creating a more natural environment for our snakes we are observing new behaviors; I would be ready to say, if the reptiles were bred under these conditions we would also see an increasing trend towards improved breeding success.

Product manufacturers are also more aware of the increasing trend also. They now create a better line of goods to satisfy the needs of the discerning keeper. With the manufacturers understanding just as much if not more about our reptiles, we are not looking through a bay window on a large environment but a microscope into the world which makes up the microenvironment of the reptiles we keep. With this understanding, we have the ability to provide a much better captive environment, one highlighting the snake, as opposed to simply keeping it alive.

Many parameters enter this type of environment. Previously, all we had were fish tanks with screen lids as I’d mentioned earlier. Now we have plexiglass enclosures, which are simpler to maintain. Plexiglass not only is easier to heat but in addition, it retains the humidity necessary for keeping tropical species like the ball python.

Besides the introduction of new materials such as plexiglass for the enclosure, we now have a firmer grasp on our understanding of plants, substrates, heaters, and various other pieces of equipment which are required to keep a wholesome atmosphere for our reptiles. With all this knowledge available to individuals we still see the most common mistake with the new snake keeper.

They purchase the snake and what they think are the right stuff for your environment and then put all of this to the old kind of fish tank enclosure. The significant issue with maintaining most tropical creatures in this type of enclosure is that there’s a huge quantity of air exchange when screen lids are used. If you reside in a dry area like myself this sort of enclosure will need misting numerous times a day. This is a very time consuming procedure. If you have made a higher end investment this is a crucial part of captive care to mist the snake and monitor its environment. Using the right enclosure such as the ones made by Ricky’ s Reptile Enclosures will save you from having to experience this issue.

Now you know which enclosure to buy, but the fun does not stop there. These are cheap and easy to clean; hence, they make sense for the breeder attempting to keep costs to a minimum. Breeders use either pine shavings or newspaper to keep their snakes. The showcase snake though will not be display properly on those substrates. To show off the colors and patterns of the higher end morphs or even the’ordinary’ ball python we suggest going with a planted vivarium type of setting.

The Right Plant

The planted vivarium is not as hard as it might appear, it is actually an issue of plant selection, positioning, and using the right soils. I use organic potting soil that is pearlite free and landscape the enclosure so the back of the enclosure is a little graded or sloped towards the front. The organic potting soil is fine on its own but to actually get a nice look to the total vivarium I put a layer of orchid bark or cypress mulch on top.

Not only do plants help produce oxygen within the enclosure, they also provide a degree of humidity as does the soil/mulch mixture. Delicate ferns and other such plants won’t stand up to a drifting P. regius.

We must also be careful of any plants which may be toxic to a reptile. And of course the fact that many of the plant recommendations you see online sound great. But what they don’t tell you is that their recommendations are actually bushes that can become extremely large. For instance, one recommendation I saw was for Callistemon, which they had misspelled as Callistemom commonly called bottlebrush. Most sites list this as a TREE, which gets 10-12 feet in height. The other one that struck me as odd was that the recommendation of Bougainvillea, which has very sharp thorns among the limbs. Why would you advocate that to get a reptile or amphibian enclosure?

Here is a list of non-toxic plants that you can use without fear of them growing into trees or stabbing a wandering snake. Pothos Epipremnum pothos aureus, Liriope Lily turf, & Aspidistra Cast Iron plant are all plants I have used inside the vivarium itself and have not had any issue. Some mosses may be applied as ground cover too but I have never used them before so I cannot make any recommendations . Aside from the plants, add a sandblasted grapevine bit angled from one of the bottom corners of the enclosure into the opposite top corner diagonally so that the snake can decide to be either higher or lower. I have yet to find a branch be provided that was not used at some stage.

You must also offer some type of hide area inside the enclosure. Personally, I like the half logs that are sold for this purpose. Purchase one that the snake can input and when coiled their body should encounter the sides. This is a critical piece as it allows the snake to feel secure.